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How To Not Meet Anyone’s Gaze



17 thoughts on “How To Not Meet Anyone’s Gaze”

  1. Classic here, Kerbey. Fast forward to one hour later and the separate brawls between the two girls and two guys. The smug frat boy on the left knows he’s got both of their ardor, too, doesn’t he, while his brother on the right still holds delusions of grandeur. Oh, my.

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  2. The guy on the left definitely has the attention of Jenny, the girl on the right, but I think Lorna (the other girl) is looking over her date’s shoulder at Rocky, the class bad boy whose father own a liquor store and can supply the Ripple Wine that will loosen Lorna’s inhibitions…or maybe I’m reading too much into her smile.

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    1. Oh, I see. Lorna is looking past the boy with the windswept hair to Rocky. I heard that Rocky had a motorcycle (albeit used) and smoked filterless cigarettes. She will find out sooner or later that he thinks older women make good lovers.

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  3. Hmmm, your title implies the boys should have been gazing deeply into the eyes of their ladies – but I will tell you something from experience. As much as you are right, still there are exceptions and one of those is : Dating Rule #843 – It is pemissible and often encouraged to remove your eyes from your date’s eyes, when using said eyes for purposes of admiring and commenting on your date’s accessories – be it necklace or flowers in hair or whatever. To maximize effectiveness, this admiration of the accessories should only be short and should be accompanied by a compliment both of the article and the date’s taste in choosing said article.. If your eyes are then returned directly to those of your date – then this is considered very effective flattery. WARNING: If eyes are removed from the accessory and do not move quickly back to your date’s eyes, serious damage and harm could occur. The very worst possible scenario of glancing at another women, may even result in death – at least social , if not physical.

    So, to recap, breaking eye contact for purposes of admiring accessories and subsequent praise and flattery is acceptable and encouraged. However, the effectiveness of the manoeuver relies entirely upon the eye action afterwards. This is tricky and should only be attempted by experts.

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    1. This is enough to make any awkward fellow remain a virgin into his 30s. You are a regular Miss Manners. Fortunately for today’s young people, they never look up from their phones at all.


  4. wow, Paul has this one covered! I was thinking only that everyone is looking at someone other than the person looking at them. And no one is looking at the guy on the right. But that is your point, yes?

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    1. Yes, that be the point. At first I thought of the Rod Stewart song, “When the one you love’s in love with someone else,” but the boy on the left probably isn’t in love with either. Liz, I have short bangs now, and it’s getting in my left eye (not Lisa Left Eye from TLC), and it’s hard to type. Is there a pill for this?


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