12 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Caused A Fiery Rage”

    1. WHAT?? You don’t like the tiki torch frighteningly scary totem pole sweater that Joe’s wearing? Certainly SOMETHING has to take place of all those Cosby Show sweaters to which we can ne’er make reference again.

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    1. What is it innately in men that makes them want to harm each other? That is ultimately the basis of America’s Funniest Videos being on TV for one score years.


  1. I always thought the hot in hot foot is the reaction of the person being pranked. Pranked is too tame a label, actually. Try to set my shoe on fire while it’s on my foot and said shoe will end up thumping parts of your body. Repeatedly.

    Yeah, the grinning fire-players may not be the best-dressed idiots in the village, either, Benson.

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  2. Ha! Yep, Kerbey some men are idiots – I actually saw a guy light his colleague’s newspaper on fire while the colleague was reading the paper in the break room. When you light a newspaper from the bottom, it flares up big and fast. We had to use a fire extinguisher to out it out.

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