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Ixnay On The Altsay, Please



17 thoughts on “Ixnay On The Altsay, Please”

      1. when it involves my food, I do not laugh. Still remember when Larry jokingly took half of the cheese out of my cheese sandwich when we were in college. So not funny. Still not totally over it.

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    1. THANK YOU. Oh, the portions of the past! It is a pity that evokes many tears. It’s a wonder they ever had fuel for their muscles. How did they have energy to flip through a Rolodex or use a rotary phone?


      1. And yet the carton of Morton’s was simply huge, so salt was not short-portioned anywhere even if this particular pour was just a bad gag, hey, Kerbey? This slickster indeed deserves a slap to the smirk.

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