Hip-Bumping At Wurstfest

New Braunfels, TX November 1975
New Braunfels, TX November 1975

These happy patrons were enjoying Wurstfest, a Texas tradition since 1963. Held annually in New Braunfels, Texas, they offer “good food, music, dancing, exciting carnival rides and games, German, Texan and domestic beer, special events and the finest in Alpine and Bavarian Style Entertainment.”

This sign from the 1975 event reveals that the drinking age was then 18, not 21.Cactus76Wurst008

Local colleges had been preparing students for weeks.Cactus76 -4

University of Texas students who could not travel to New Braunfels participated at home, drinking from kegs in homage to Alpine and Bavarian tradition.


These gals didn’t even mind singing for their supper frosty mugs of beer.

Cactus76 Anchorettes005

What about you? Would you sing a chorus for an ice cold beer?

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    1. Wow! Really? I just watched Hoda and Kathy Lee on “The Today Show” and they drink every single day, but it’s not an ad. I’m constantly amazed by how many of my college yearbooks show drinking on the majority of the pages. I guess when the drinking age was 18, everyone in college could drink!


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