Repeal Of Prohibition December 1933

from "This Fabulous Century" Time Life Books
from “This Fabulous Century” Time Life Books

Set ’em up, Joe!

from “This Fabulous Century” Time Life Books


12 thoughts on “Repeal Of Prohibition December 1933”

  1. Wow. I enjoy your new colors. Like a lot of people I am sure glad that Amendment was repealed. We have a chain of liquor stores around here called the 21st Amendment. I don’t know if they extend to other states, never checked. Happy New Year.

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    1. I’m not purposely trying to post alcohol; it’s just happening that way LOL. What a fun name for a store! The big one around here is Spec’s with a skinny blonde girl singing in the aisles in the commercials. Hate to part with my Christmas theme. 😦

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  2. love it—saw an entire museum exhibit on Prohibition once and it was cool to learn about this “failed social experiment.” Fascinates me, all of it. What a party it must have been when they said never mind. Gorgeous pictures.

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