19 thoughts on “Christmas 1947”

    1. Alas, I fear poor 48 yr old Michelle will have to leave the breeding to the newly-married Jessa and Jill, who no doubt will propagate the species. 19 was a good long run, though. I raise my glass of red to her. Can you imagine how noisy that house would be??


  1. In order to reflect on this photo, we must realize this was just two years after war’s end. While it appears to have been taken in America, industry has changed gears from making things of war to making things for civilians. Stores were awash with merchandize that was likely rationed in one way or another just two years earlier. Its boom time. Even if this were England or Australia, the fog of war lifting let to a joyous season. It does bother me they are mostly female… Girls’ school or girl scouts?

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    1. I think it must be a girls’ group indeed. You are right about the rationing. I remember seeing a pic last month of Carmen Miranda (?) eating a piece of chocolate during wartime, and she was limited to that square. And then the poodle skirts were a response to having endless yards of fabric now available to swirl around in. Maybe the boys were antsy to go fire off their toys and already disappeared outside by the time the film was loaded.

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