After A Long Day Of Shaving Heads…


Here’s another “I Don’t Get It” ad from 1941, suggesting a pint of the “dark ruby ale” as a remedy for fatigue. Yes, technically, Guinness is not black or even brown, but red. The man buzz-cutting these recruits looks tired now. Is now a good time for Guinness? Should he pause in the middle of shaving heads? And speaking of head…

Bartenders are not being fussy when they insist on the double-pour. Unlike other taps, Guinness is dispensed through a five-hole disk restrictor plate. It supplies an uncommon amount of nitrogen, making the head extra-effervescent. As such, two shifts are needed: one to start the magic, and a second to finish the job. The perfect pint is said to take 119.5 seconds to pour. But who’s counting? (

And did you know that Africa accounts for about 40% of Guinness’ total worldwide sales? I don’t get that statistic either.

The full ad ends with the tag: Guinness Is Good For You. Many years ago, pregnant Irish women were told to drink a glass of Guinness every day to fortify themselves and their baby. More sound advice. Sounds like it’s time for a pint!


17 thoughts on “After A Long Day Of Shaving Heads…”

  1. Guinness used to be my good news brew. Whenever I had a particularly good day I would head for a Guinness. At that time it wasn’t in every bar so it meant I would have to go to a package store. Where it was invariably too cold. Now it is nearly everywhere and since everyday is a good day I am not nearly as picky. I am glad they mentioned Nitrogen as that is the best gas to use for most beers,especially a stout. If I had to guess about that Africa stat. it would be because of lingering British influence. Maybe?

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      1. Yep, not room temp but I think in the mid 40’s. Lagers and usually ales are best in the 35-39 degree range. Or you could always follow my adage. Unless it’s boiling it will be alright.

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      1. Correct! Guinness takes a bunch of work (the squeeze). The taste of Guinness is not worth the long pour! Hence, the juice is not worth the squeeze. Figuratively and literally. I live my life by that motto. Something you work hard for better be worth the effort. If not, move on….

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      2. This makes the New Year’s Resolutions tough. I can run and do weights and eat little and work out and only lose one pound in a month. That squeeze wasn’t worth one drop.

        That motto wouldn’t work well with Communism, either. Neurosurgeons in Cuba work hard and make less money than waiters who get tips in American money.

        And while I’m rambling, your motto is the precise reason I don’t eat crab or lobster. I haven’t the energy to pry my food open and pick it out. Just bring it to me on a plate, ready to eat. Like a steak. You’re going to make me think about this all day.

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  2. I prefer molasses over my pancakes than Guinness but I can’t have that, Kerbey. But I wouldn’t use Guiness anyhow. Not worth the juice or the squeeze or the effort or cold or lukeworm or not good for nuthin’. Too thick and too bitter for my particular drinking tastes.

    It’s sister blonde brew, Harp, on the other hand … Yes, indeedy, a nice smooth and tastey beer (ale, Benson?) that is.

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  3. Bowing to your knowledge of Guinness! But yes, he should wait until he’s done with all the shaves for the day before pouring a glass. The military has a thing about precision and might not take kindly to the fun he’d have with the shaves (initials? US flags?) if he drank too much. Because he probably couldn’t stop at just one.

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