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Gazing Adoringly

I think we know who the Big Man On Campus is…

If this sporty specimen plays her cards right (or that tennis racket), she may be wearing his fraternity pin by the end of the day.

KU-Spring46005Never heard of getting pinned? Google it. I haven’t got time for the pain. Here are some examples.


The gazing here is mutual.


Polka Dots gazes seductively at her date (or she is hypnotized by his choice of patterns).

JayhawkerSpring47013This girl is downright giddy.JayhawkerWinter47007

And this happy camper is so mesmerized by her plaid-clad man, that she doesn’t mind the Russian immigrants kicking the back of her bus seat.



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New iPhone 6 Is The Bomb

KU-Fall40004P.S. You don’t need a new phone. It won’t make you cool. It won’t make people like you. It just means you’re desperate to obtain the latest gadget to make yourself feel important. You are already important. Keep your current phone. And stop dropping it in the toilet.


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Joltin’ Joe


I’d never seen this ad before. My new KU magazines are filled with cigarette ads. I’m not on an anti-smoking propaganda campaign here; I’m just sharing the interesting ads.

However, it did contribute to DiMaggio’s demise. DiMaggio, a heavy smoker for much of his adult life, was admitted to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, on October 12, 1998, for lung cancer surgery. He returned to his Florida home on January 19, 1999, where he died on March 8. His last words were, “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.” (wikipedia)

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Satin Panties Add Support

Here, the basketball coach explains why this year’s uniforms were shortened, rendering undergarments completely unnecessary, and thus, saving on material during the war effort.


Well, that’s my guess anyway. In addition, should there be an unexpected air raid, the satin reflects any light, enabling team members to lead others out of the building. Follow that sheen!


These two look ready for action. I guess I don’t pay much attention to basketball; I didn’t even realize players wore knee pads. I haven’t watched a game since I had that crush on John Stockton from the Utah Jazz nearly 20 years ago.


The cameraman took some risks to get this shot (or else he was Andre the Giant).

JayhawkerWinter46002And for those players who weren’t destined to be seven feet tall, there was always room to improve their vertical. Case in point:



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Time In A Bottle Or Two

And now, some levity to balance the somber tone from earlier today.

Here, Francine, don’t drop these. If we return them to the drug store, we’ll get one penny per bottle. Barbara, get up off the floor. Pull yourself together. 


Listen, you two, they haven’t invented plastic bottles yet, so we need to recycle every one. 


You guys, I really appreciate you inviting me to your Dandruff Awareness Club. Hello, my name is Alice, and I have dry scalp. Cheers!


Donald dear, you know how Enfamil formula has DHA, which supports respiratory health and contributes to the development of a healthy immune system? Well, I don’t care about formula. Coke is it. So there. 


Hey, fellas, I just heard that Coke carbonation irritates the stomach, causing the body to pull calcium from the blood to use as an antacid, which makes the blood replenish its supply from the bones, giving us osteoarthritis. Bummer, right? Oh, who cares? It’s 1947, and our life expectancy is only 64. Bottoms up! Ha ha ha!


Guess what would make this Coke even better?


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Call of Duty


In 1943, the USA was smack dab in the middle of WWII, and graduating college students were faced with the inevitable: enlistment. A cartoon in the Jayhawker magazine shows the four steps awaiting them: graduation and swearing in…


…securing fatigues and heading into combat.


How frustrating it must have been to finally achieve graduation, to fill your head with knowledge, only to enter a war where it may be blown off.

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