New iPhone 6 Is The Bomb

KU-Fall40004P.S. You don’t need a new phone. It won’t make you cool. It won’t make people like you. It just means you’re desperate to obtain the latest gadget to make yourself feel important. You are already important. Keep your current phone. And stop dropping it in the toilet.


27 thoughts on “New iPhone 6 Is The Bomb”

      1. Okay, okay–coupons for the Five and Dime. Or Woolworth’s. Or photos of their soldier beaus. Index card recipes for casseroles.


  1. “Do you like me? Check Yes or No”- from that dreamy Ted in Home room. That is what has them all smiles and curly haired. But wait until they realize he sent out more than one. Then it’s on.


    1. That cracked screen is a testimony to her irresponsibility. And so is placing an order for a pricey coffee when the Student Union is open.


  2. they are pamphlets. And probably from sex ed class. (can I say the S word here?)

    Snark aside, they are SO CUTE I can not stand it. Probably they are coming from (or going to) secretary/admin assistant class.


      1. 😦 so sorry to hear. you are done with acu? This is not good at all.

        Pls don’t hurl yourself off a cliff. The BoFN Kingdom needs your benevolent rule.


      2. Yep, done with acu.
        Sigh. Well, I certainly am no ruler, but a willing player. You know how not getting sleep makes your brain all wonky and you start hallucinating raccoons playing Parcheesi and (why is spell check saying that is not how you spell raccoons? don’t spell check me–I’m a living, breathing spell check. stupid spell check…)


      3. you do sound especially tired 😉 I remember those hallucinations well. Once I turned over in bed to find that my husband had a really big round bald baby head. I sure do hope no one else reads these comments.

        Hope the weekend brings rest for you. I would like it bring me a few cocktails, but am also wanting to fit into summer shorts. What to do what to do.


      4. You make me laugh. Just make sure to really flex your biceps when you lift those cocktails, and I’m sure it’ll burn off all the calories.


      1. Can I say that I really, really hope the Zombie Apocalypse starts at the Kim & Kanye wedding and the happy couple and all the guests get eaten at Versailles on national TV? Because that is how I feel about that.


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