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Gazing Adoringly

I think we know who the Big Man On Campus is…

If this sporty specimen plays her cards right (or that tennis racket), she may be wearing his fraternity pin by the end of the day.

KU-Spring46005Never heard of getting pinned? Google it. I haven’t got time for the pain. Here are some examples.


The gazing here is mutual.


Polka Dots gazes seductively at her date (or she is hypnotized by his choice of patterns).

JayhawkerSpring47013This girl is downright giddy.JayhawkerWinter47007

And this happy camper is so mesmerized by her plaid-clad man, that she doesn’t mind the Russian immigrants kicking the back of her bus seat.



15 thoughts on “Gazing Adoringly”

  1. Holy crap, Kerbey, that top photo might be the most attractive college couple of the decade. I find it hard to believe the photo didn’t come from the publicity department from Hollywood Production Inc. for their big campus drama coming out in fall of ’52.


  2. I don’t know if getting pinned was a “thing” when I was in college or not. I didn’t have much to do with frats or sororities. I do know that these college kids are so darn well dressed it makes you think they came from central casting. Come on. Isn’t the giddy couple just so adorable?


  3. The 3rd picture Kerbey. I want to feed this girl. Look at how skinny her arm is. And what’s going on with her bra? Or is she sans bra? I don’t get it.


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