Call Grandma Before She Dies

Sure, now we can Zoom or FaceTime or simply just text our elders. But there’s a whole generation of folks who’ve never even heard of long distance. What’s long distance? Who cares how far Grandma lives or what time we call her? I’ll just hit up her DM. But y’all remember. Y’all had folks you only called at certain times of the day. Y’all had folks you weren’t going to waste a long distance call on at all. Those were the ones you called collect. But that’s a subject for a different post.


Telephone Types


“Daddy-yo said nix on the heap…” Not familiar with that jargon? Perhaps you remember shoving into telephone booths as a lark? Jimmy Fallon did a sketch recently with Shaq and Hugh Jackman in phone booths.

Oklahoma Sooners '64
Oklahoma Sooners ’64

Perhaps you recall standing in line at the dorm, just to call your best gal? Come on, Dan. Wrap it up!


I’m too young to remember any of that. But I do remember my mom’s office desk looked like this in the 70s.

UT 1976
UT 1976

Do you suppose anyone uses a Rolodex these days? I still use my address book, but it’ s only about a year old. Nice and sturdy.

Beechwood 4-5789


No, this isn’t the Marvelettes, singing that 1962 hit, but I hope it becomes an earworm for you today.  🎶 🎼 🎧 🎤 These images are courtesy of 1930, when talking on the phone required two hands. Multi-tasking be darned!

Do any of you remember the days of five-digit phone numbers (or less), before the seven-digit system?


“Your Call Is Very Important To Us”

Tx Tech '52
Tx Tech ’52

Mary Alice has been on hold for 37 minutes with her P.O.C. health insurance carrier, and has found herself entertaining unkind thoughts of shoving Joyce and Joanne’s heads through the spindly wrought iron bars.

New iPhone 6 Is The Bomb

KU-Fall40004P.S. You don’t need a new phone. It won’t make you cool. It won’t make people like you. It just means you’re desperate to obtain the latest gadget to make yourself feel important. You are already important. Keep your current phone. And stop dropping it in the toilet.


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