10 thoughts on “How To Place A Collect Call

  1. That top photo is a precursor of things to come. Two guys talking on the phone, to each other in the same room. As for the bottom shot only one of the females is not sporting neck ware,and she appears to be the teacher. Odd. I wonder whom she is talking with.

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    1. They’ll have to. We will somehow look silly. I can’t imagine what it will be like then. Then again, I’ll be dead in heaven with my perfect heavenly vision and hearing and an endless cookie buffet.

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  2. Liz, your comment can be adapted to the second photo above with one little change, ahem, wait, here it is: a lass.

    Kerbey, I also thought both photos could come under the blanket headline Party Line. These young folks sure look happy to be making the connection.

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