63-Year-Old Hairstyle Still Holds Up

Wow, you look like Wilson’s Airedale when he had the mange. – Wally Cleaver


Wally wouldn’t say that about this stylish gang in 1951. Although you won’t see many females rocking such short hairstyles nowadays, these fellows appear to have been plucked straight out of 2014.




  1. Men are pretty simple creatures. Give them a hair cut that is comfortable, easy to care for and doesn’t send ladies screaming in horror,then it is good to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if that cut wasn’t around in another 50 years.

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  2. Hey, Benson, in who’s mirror does that men’s do look easy to care for, is my question to you? Looks as if there’s too much combing and fussin’ for this guy. Spoken like a fine-haired, male-patterned individual, right? 🙂

    Kerbey, what I was going to say before I got struck with the urge to throw Benson under the bus was that give the guy on the right a big upright bass and the guy on the left an electric guitar and they could be playing the “Stray Cat Strut.” The two women, I must disagree with you slightly, look like they have the sensible ‘do for a busy workaday job such as flight attendant.


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