Things They Did Before The Amazing Interwebs, Part I


They read the newspaper until their fingertips were black with ink, often in groups referred to as “tree quartets.” Reading something made of a tree while touching a tree (and evidently a shoulder) connected them to nature.


Vision-deficient boys inflated balls with adult supervision, while parents consoled themselves that, while their son would never make point guard, he made a heck of a ball boy. And look–it’s his third college admissions letter!

Comet51-019They gathered round the piano for a rousing good time, except for Mavourneen and Chester, whose dour faces reflect their recent break-up. Nothing a little “Come On-A My House” can’t fix!



  1. Okay. I used to love newspapers. I read them in their entirety. That first picture looks as if the boys were standing in front of a picture house. Is that possible,or am I seeing wrong? And doesn’t ball boy look like he’s wearing a chef or kitchen jacket? You are absolutely right about Mavourneen (what kind of name is that?) and Chester. But I think the reason for the breakup is the piano player Wanda. She’s the one Chester left what’s her name for. If looks could kill.

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    • Oh, I thought it was a church! Could be. Perhaps the middle boy is going to the Culinary Institute of America? And I vow that Mavourneen and Chester were legit names in that very yearbook, distressing as it were. Mavourneen obviously lacks Wanda’s joie de vivre. And ability to tickle the ivories.

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  2. Those smart lads up top are reading my very first byline! Watch what yer saying ’round here.

    The ball boy does look like he’s filling up the spheroid for a quick game with the Dalai Lama’s squad.

    And, lastly, Kerbey, the piano singers Mavourneen and Chester are scowling because the other two sound like Edith and Archie at the beginning of “All in the Family.”

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  3. A tree quartet? Really? True ‘dat that folks were engaged in higher-level activities before the days of cell phones. Though I’m reading your blog with my oldest and she is giving me a very bad time about true ‘dat. Apparently this is a phrase I am never to use at any time. ??

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