9 thoughts on “Juanita And Beulah: Bastions Of Proper Communication

  1. “Residence director”. That seems ages ago. In ’68 Hampton Institute had a man’s dorm and a woman’s dorm. Curfew was 10 PM for both during the week and 11 on Friday and Saturday. IU had no curfew and even started visitation,where as you could have members of the opposite sex as visitors. They had to be out by 11. Do kids have any rules left in the dorms? I could ask my Grand Daughter but I would probably not like the answer.

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    1. We had no curfew in my co-ed dorm. We had a resident assistant, whom I never spoke to. Maybe 20 yrs old? My boyfriend came over a lot, but I don’t recall rules about visitors leaving. Must have been. You had to have an ID card to get in past 10pm, I think. But that was 25 yrs ago.

      The whole point of freshman year was going out dancing and clubbing until 2am. I can’t imagine having a curfew. The name of one of the clubs was Curfew LOL. I bet no young person today would give respect to “mature women” like these even if they were residence directors.

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