16 thoughts on “Tercentenary Eighty Years Ago

      1. My info is old and I was driving an out of state tractor-trailer, so I am sure you are fine. I was running empty north on I-95 towards Boston from New Haven one holiday afternoon. It was sunny and very very busy. I was not in a rush and I was in the slow lane driving with traffic- about 62 MPH, leaving lots of space around me, just groovin’ to the tunes. I saw a State Trooper coming up in the center lane and watched as he turned on the lights and pulled in behind me. .I pulled over on the shoulder but it was so busy I had to get out the passenger’s door. I asked the trooper what the problem was and he said I was speeding. I agreed but told him that I was just staying with traffic – the safest way to drive – and that I was doing 62 in a 55 zone in the slow lane and hadn’t passed anyone for 100 miles. He said I was still speeding and he wrote me a ticket ( I had a collection of Connecticut tickets – all slightly different). I asked him if he thought his actions were fair or contributed to safety in any way. He wouldn’t answer. Obviously the troopers were told to target out of state trucks – collect money from non-voters. Made points for their political masters. Most states that try that get into trouble because the trucking and manufacturing lobby will break the politicians knuckles and it stops. The problem with Connecticut is that they have the north side of NYC tied up so all the trucks have to come through there but there is little or no trucking/mfg actually based there – so no political pressure. They’ve taken a lot of my money over the years.

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      1. Ha! Now I just read that 10-20 is good for the mind, 30-60 leaves you groggy, and 90 is a full rest cycle. So only do the 10-20 or the 90, Mark. 🙂


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