Call of Duty

In 1943, the USA was smack dab in the middle of WWII, and graduating college students were faced with the inevitable: enlistment. A cartoon in the Jayhawker magazine shows the four steps awaiting them: graduation and swearing in… …securing fatigues and heading into combat. How frustrating it must have been to finally achieve graduation, to fillContinue reading “Call of Duty”

Inside Yank, Part II

Yank addressed the realities of the American soldier in his own words, from discharge to depression, all in one panel. This issue summed up the progress made in the war over the past year, without mincing words (B-29s pounded hell out of the Jap mainland). The common bond of a shared experience gave comfort toContinue reading “Inside Yank, Part II”

Inside Yank, Part I

I’ve been going through some of Granddad’s WWII items, and I stumbled upon this Yank magazine, dated Dec 28, 1945. Christmas was upon the nation, and the war was over. But even though the war was over, many American soldiers had yet to return home. It is fascinating to read how the servicemen felt about whatContinue reading “Inside Yank, Part I”