Inside Yank, Part II


Yank addressed the realities of the American soldier in his own words, from discharge to depression, all in one panel.


This issue summed up the progress made in the war over the past year, without mincing words (B-29s pounded hell out of the Jap mainland).


The common bond of a shared experience gave comfort to men who had been to hell and back.  Humor was often the best salve.

Yank009Here a British soldier conveys the perception of American soldiers as lousy lovers:


Grand company indeed.


Interesting words from FDR, who had passed only eight months prior to this publication. Yank014

3 thoughts on “Inside Yank, Part II”

  1. These last two posts are great. They remind me of my Dad and a time when belief in God and Country was in “vogue”. More of us need to remember. Thanks. Benson


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