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Satin Panties Add Support

Here, the basketball coach explains why this year’s uniforms were shortened, rendering undergarments completely unnecessary, and thus, saving on material during the war effort.


Well, that’s my guess anyway. In addition, should there be an unexpected air raid, the satin reflects any light, enabling team members to lead others out of the building. Follow that sheen!


These two look ready for action. I guess I don’t pay much attention to basketball; I didn’t even realize players wore knee pads. I haven’t watched a game since I had that crush on John Stockton from the Utah Jazz nearly 20 years ago.


The cameraman took some risks to get this shot (or else he was Andre the Giant).

JayhawkerWinter46002And for those players who weren’t destined to be seven feet tall, there was always room to improve their vertical. Case in point: