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Arts And Crafts And Knitting And Knitting

Redskin 1949
Redskin 1949–Twirler Patsy Evans Poses For Art Dept Class
You got me. Papier mache giraffes?
Recensio 1949 Zeta Tau Alpha
Recensio 1949 Zeta Tau Alpha


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The Dang Lake Is Finally Full

Oasis (8)

I didn’t think anyone else would be fool enough to chance the overpriced mediocre food and touch-and-go service of Austin’s The Oasis on a blustery, 50 degree day, but then I remembered. Tourists. Tourists everywhere on a cold Spring Break.

Oasis (12)

Kinda makes you wanna run toward the railing and jump overboard, no?

Oasis (9)

Don’t do it. You would surely die.