Alcoa Aluminum

Adios, needless weight! This ad may be from September of 1935, but it still shines brightly on the page. In fact, you can see how the silver reflects light off the page, all these 84 years later.

Meeting The Ex-Girlfriend


Here we see Cary Grantish introducing his new girlfriend in red (who may have either scoliosis or some sort of pelvic trauma causing that posture) to his former flame, Lana Turnerish, in purple. Lana asks, “Oh, is that where you met? How interesting.”

Cary, in his oblivion, doesn’t think there’s cause for cattiness, since that relationship ended over a decade ago, but that doesn’t stop Green Striped Hat from sizing up his current squeeze.


But the real flirtation is with these two. They’re obviously not married; no wife would beam at her man like that (unless she’s Nancy Reagan). No, this gal is setting a snare. lifeaug19-49024

All aboard a Pullman!

Civil War Bridge On The Pamunkey

US Signal Corps Photo (Brady Collection) in National Archives
US Signal Corps Photo (Brady Collection) in National Archives

In The American Heritage History of American Railroads by Jensen, this 1862 image shows a bridge under construction. Major General George McClellan of the Union Army brought locomotives and cars by ship from Baltimore and ran trains as close to four miles to the Confederate capital. The workmen are seated, and to the left is a photographer’s field darkroom. At that time, photographs had to be developed immediately and while wet.

To their left , a locomotive was arriving on a ship in White House Landing on the Pamunkey River.


Here is another image of the field darkroom, invented by Matthew Brady.

The wagon would carry the chemicals, glass plates, and finished negatives. Can you imagine what would have happened if the horses got startled or took off at a gallop?

Grilled Lean Bison Burger

Railroads in America by Jensen
Railroads in America by Jensen

The Kansas-Pacific Railway promoted buffalo-hunting parties back in 1870. Outside the railroad’s general offices, a taxidermist displays his work.


Don’t worry; they’re off the endangered species list. The population is stable and you can enjoy a nice sammich, should you so desire.

Slater's 50/50 bison burger in Huntington Beach, CA
Slater’s 50/50 bison burger in Huntington Beach, CA

The OC Weekly raves:

The tangy stack features seasoned ground bison (aka the American buffalo) nestled on a bed of shredded celery and carrots. All that’s topped buffalo sauce-infused sharp cheddar cheese, grilled onions and jalapeños, and then smothered with housemade buttermilk ranch and Frank’s RedHot dressing.

Who could resist?

Your America


UnionPacific (3)

Yesterday we profiled New York Central railroad advertising, and today we focus on the Union Pacific. Again, these are all WWII era, as evidenced by the optimism above: “After victory…”

Montana shows us stout cows and wide open spaces.

Montana UnionPacific (2)

The Nebraska one has an interesting choice of colors for the sky. nebraska UnionPacific (1)

California has ordered groves and fresh citrus. california UnionPacific (4)

What a great ad campaign. I can’t decide which of the four is my favorite. Which do you enjoy?


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