12 thoughts on “Electro Motive 1949

  1. This is one of those ads that just makes you say, “huh.” It was all so catchy and innovative and trendy (?), but now it looks old-school and overly formal, wordy, and not-enough-white-spacey. Would love to see the contemporary version of that ad. Though it would have to be about a shaving app you could download so you wouldn’t really even have to shave on your spaceship ride. Or whatever. Love all of your finds, Kerbey 🙂

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    1. Yes, you’re right; it would be a shaving app now. I’m always surprised by how “wordy” the old ads are. Many I don’t even post because they are 8-10 paragraphs long, and nobody has that attention span anymore. There was no TV to distract them, so they read. The National Geographic articles are usually like 20-25pp, so that tells you how committed people were to reading.

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