Budd-Built Zephyrs

Kansas City to Chicago
New Haven stainless steel, self-propelled rail diesel car

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11 thoughts on “Budd-Built Zephyrs

    1. No, I have no life experience. Just what I see on TV. Well, TECHNICALLY I’ve ridden day trains a couple times, but just for a couple hours of hot, sweaty, dust in your face, rackety train. You??


      1. I believe I did when I was 16 or so. Either a band trip or a French trip. To Chicago or New Orleans. Funny how the details are so fuzzy. I imagine a trip where I am wearing a flapper dress and their are equally fashionable people with me and someone is murdered and we are all trapped together and Whodunnit Murder-on-the-Orient-Express style. Doesn’t that sound like fun? 😀 And then there would also be ice-cold whisky vending machines.


  1. Love the trains. Took a memorable ride from Seattle to Milwaukee back in 1997. Enjoyed everything but the hookers working the line between St Paul and Chicago. There was not an available toilet for 2 hours. Our car captain (my term, not theirs) took pity on me and walked me back to the employee only commode. I’ve kept her in my prayers every night since.

    That’s the only time I haven’t had a great experience traveling by train. 🙂

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      1. I guess they don’t get workers’ comp unless they work in a brothel? Why are you putting weird thoughts in my head today, Fannie? 😉


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