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Get Off My Lawn March 24, 2017

Filed under: 1950s,Fun,Funny,Humor,Nostalgia,Photography,Pics,Vintage — kerbey @ 10:09 am

10 Responses to “Get Off My Lawn”

  1. I hope I never get as angry as the gent with the walker that he keeps behind him. He must have a fear of falling backwards.

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    • kerbey Says:

      At this angle, it looks like he’s about to lurch forward! It also makes me wonder at what age men ditch jeans forever and resolve to only wear khakis.


  2. I’ll let you know if I ever get to that point in my life.

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  3. Benson Says:

    That’s Joe and his crew. Baddest gang of seniors in the hood. Beautiful picture of you.

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  4. Hey Kerbey, wasn’t that the guy who took you to prom?

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  5. Liz Says:

    yeehaw! Things sure look different around heeyah.

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