Meeting The Ex-Girlfriend


Here we see Cary Grantish introducing his new girlfriend in red (who may have either scoliosis or some sort of pelvic trauma causing that posture) to his former flame, Lana Turnerish, in purple. Lana asks, “Oh, is that where you met? How interesting.”

Cary, in his oblivion, doesn’t think there’s cause for cattiness, since that relationship ended over a decade ago, but that doesn’t stop Green Striped Hat from sizing up his current squeeze.


But the real flirtation is with these two. They’re obviously not married; no wife would beam at her man like that (unless she’s Nancy Reagan). No, this gal is setting a snare. lifeaug19-49024

All aboard a Pullman!

11 thoughts on “Meeting The Ex-Girlfriend

  1. Ah Romance. All aboard a Pullman. I agree 100%. Green dress girl is trying to impress brown suit schmo how interested she is in him, and how she hangs on every word. She is planning on being his next wife before the year is out, and it’s October already. Brown suit better watch out.

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