Shut The Front Door

1950 UT Powder Bowl
1950 UT Powder Bowl

At least that’s what it looks like she’s saying. The one that’s not holding the plunger, wearing a satin evening gown, smiling at the casually-dressed lady opening the car door. ‘Cause that makes sense.

14 thoughts on “Shut The Front Door

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    1. All it said was that it was from the “powder bowl.” All I could think was that it was like powder puff football, when girls play football, but that’s not what’s happening, so I have no idea. Who carries around a plunger in an evening gown?

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      1. It’s truly bizarre. The plunger, the facial expressions, the dresses, and even the composition where the butt of the person in jeans is visually dominant – it’s all really weird and incoherent.

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