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Your America


UnionPacific (3)

Yesterday we profiled New York Central railroad advertising, and today we focus on the Union Pacific. Again, these are all WWII era, as evidenced by the optimism above: “After victory…”

Montana shows us stout cows and wide open spaces.

Montana UnionPacific (2)

The Nebraska one has an interesting choice of colors for the sky. nebraska UnionPacific (1)

California has ordered groves and fresh citrus. california UnionPacific (4)

What a great ad campaign. I can’t decide which of the four is my favorite. Which do you enjoy?


5 thoughts on “Your America”

  1. These are priceless. I can’t decide which I like most. I can say I enjoy one theme that all had in common. The celebration of effort and reward. In this “someone owes me” environment, that is refreshing. Wow. I do sound like some “grumpy old man”. You pesky kids get off my lawn!

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