Coffee Schmoffee

Good Housekeeping March 1925
Good Housekeeping March 1925

Well, that sounds fine and dandy, but as a person who only puts God-awful stevia into her coffee to prevent sugarbeetes, I can testify that the thought of twice-daily cocoa invites fear.

Although, somehow I can rationalize dark chocolate and Coke and ice cream…

Basking In The Sun

LIFE 11/11/46
LIFE 11/11/46


Just over a year after Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces, signifying the end of WWII, much of Germany lay devastated. Potsdam Square, the Times Square of Berlin, was ashes. One of the few places left undestroyed was the Cafe Wien, jammed with Germans of all ages, drinking what LIFE described as “weak drinks, which are all the cafe can offer.” This fashionable lady, sitting on the once-fashionable avenue of Kurfürstendamm, doesn’t seem to mind.

On The Lookout For Autumn

This Fabulous Century 1930-1940
This Fabulous Century 1930-1940

These two ladies keep their eyes peeled for cooler weather (while wearing fabulous hats and dresses) on the kind of day that warrants nickel ice cream. I know it will arrive later this month, the glorious season of fall. But I also know it won’t feel like fall until Halloween. Still, I can see it on the horizon, and what joy that brings!

Politics Is Hilarious

This Fabulous Century 1930-1940
This Fabulous Century 1930-1940

Why is FDR howling with laughter? He and son James, along with William McAdoo and advisor James Farley, are responding to the quips of Will Rogers as he introduces the new president in 1933.


“Mr. Roosevelt is a plain-spoken man. Remember that speech last night about the banks? Long adjectives and nouns–he didn’t mess with ’em at all. He knows what the country wants is relief and not rhetoric. He is the first Harvard man to know enough to drop three syllables when he has something to say. Why, compared to me, he is almost illiterate.” — May 7, 1933



Seconds On Pork Sausages, Please


LIFE 11-11-46
LIFE 11-11-46: American Meat Institute

As I read that aloud, I can hear the man’s voice saying it. I wonder if you hear it, too? That typical 50s voice. “Why, Dick and Jane even give their dog, Spot, sausage and eggs every day, and he’s never felt better!”

Grilled Lean Bison Burger

Railroads in America by Jensen
Railroads in America by Jensen

The Kansas-Pacific Railway promoted buffalo-hunting parties back in 1870. Outside the railroad’s general offices, a taxidermist displays his work.


Don’t worry; they’re off the endangered species list. The population is stable and you can enjoy a nice sammich, should you so desire.

Slater's 50/50 bison burger in Huntington Beach, CA
Slater’s 50/50 bison burger in Huntington Beach, CA

The OC Weekly raves:

The tangy stack features seasoned ground bison (aka the American buffalo) nestled on a bed of shredded celery and carrots. All that’s topped buffalo sauce-infused sharp cheddar cheese, grilled onions and jalapeños, and then smothered with housemade buttermilk ranch and Frank’s RedHot dressing.

Who could resist?

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