Ready For A Change Of Season

8/19/46 LIFE
8/19/46 LIFE

I’m tired of the heat, tired of the over 10,000 mold count that makes it feel like a screwdriver is stuck in my temple, tired tired tired of sweating inside my own home. I’m ready for the fall, for the brisk, cold air, and this 1946 Plymouth ad makes me want to pop right inside that kitchen and fill the gravy boat.



  1. Amen. Gravy, candy, fruit cake and egg nog. So inviting. When I was a kid I was always wishing Christmas to arrive quickly. My Mom would always admonish me; saying that I was wishing my life away. I guess I was.

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    • Oh, my son does that, too. He’s never happy about today. He’s looking forward to tomorrow. We could going to the moon today, and he’d be talking about watching an “Office” episode tomorrow.


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