Ripped At Sixty

credit: Sid Avery
credit: Sid Avery

Actor-comedian Joe E. Brown gets toweled off by wife Kathryn at his Brentwood home in 1951. She doesn’t seem to mind his toned 60-year-old physique. The two were married 55 years until his death in 1973.

He was one of the most popular American comedians in the 1930s and 1940s, with successful films like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Earthworm Tractors, and Alibi Ike. In his later career Brown starred in Some Like It Hot (1959), as Osgood Fielding III, in which he utters the famous punchline, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

joe brown.gif

Doesn’t he look like the happiest camper ever? joe brown

Can you tell who the woman is here with him? I’d recognize her anywhere.

10 thoughts on “Ripped At Sixty

  1. Some Like It Hot is one of my favourite movies. I was just telling my husband that I might show it to my kids soon – that and Arsenic and Old Lace.

    I love that first photo. It suggests so much about a happily married couple. As to your photo challenge, the nose on the lady makes me wonder if she is Margaret Hamilton but I suspect I am wrong.

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  2. Wow old Joe E. is certainly rockin’ them abs. I wonder if Ms. Hamilton had any regrets about her role as witch? It seemed as though no matter what she did she was always the witch.

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