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A Laugh A Minute August 10, 2016

Filed under: 1950s,Celebrities,Fun,History,Humor,Nostalgia,Photography,Pics,Vintage — kerbey @ 11:05 am
credit: Sid Avery

credit: Sid Avery

1953 Hillcrest Country Club

Comedians Groucho Marx, George Jessel, Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor (air-stabbing his pal), and Buddy Lester met daily for lunch.


12 Responses to “A Laugh A Minute”

  1. GP Cox Says:

    The “Catskill Mts. group” all together after becoming famous!! Great picture.

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  2. Benson Says:

    Well I am sure the restaurant had to offer several cheeses to go with all the ham. Ba-Dum-Dum.

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  3. Laughter is good medicine! ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. Paul Says:

    Fascinating picture Kerbey. I wasn’t aware they knew each other.

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