Caption Me


My apologies to the teens at the public pool today (who have probably never heard of WordPress), but you strode right into my lens space whilst I was trying to capture my son for posterity.  So what else can I do but have a caption contest at your expense?

1.  “In twenty years, they’ll be down to here.”


I’m So Rumbly In My Tumbly

I just saw this cool pic on Coffee & Cigarette’s blog  Perfect depiction of how we like to label every valid human emotion as a disorder.  I think I’m experiencing three of those right now.

End of Camelot


Yesterday I was given a stack of Houston newspapers from the week of JFK’s assassination.  This November will mark the 50th anniversary of his passing, and I imagine some homage will be paid in the media.  I found these brittle browning pages interesting, as they unraveled the course of history.

Houston Chronicle Nov 22, 1963

Houston Chronicle Nov 22, 1963

 The page above was from the November 22, 1963 issue of The Houston Chronicle, when all was still well in Camelot.  As far as they knew.


Hours later, another photo from the same scene is shown adjacent to a headline declaring “Secret Service Man Reports JFK Dead.”


The country knew that JFK and Texas Governor John Connally had both been shot, but JFK had not been officially pronounced dead.

JFK001But by November 23rd, the truth was out.


An article explains how doctors attempted to save the president’s life.


The suspect had been taken into custody.


JFK007And then the suspect himself was slain.


Finally, the president was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery.


And Little John John bid his father farewell.