We Always Wish For Money; We Always Wish For Fame


So I was jogging today on the hike and bike trail, to firm up my tush and increase my endurance.  I listen to an MP3 player that contains every song I own, so there’s no telling what song is going to come on next, and that’s how I like it.

It’s actually pretty hard to find songs that match precisely the rhythm of the pace you desire.  Most drumbeats are too slow.  So when “Change” by John Waite came on, I was happily surprised that it matched my stride perfectly.

Now most people think of “Missing You” when I say John Waite.  And that’s all well and good, except that I contend that “Change” is a far superior song, insofar as getting one motivated to jog.  From the second the guitar riff starts, and John starts in, “People talkin’, and they’re sayin’ that you’re leaving,” the beat is contagious.  It makes me want to juice up on Shasta and race Camaros around empty lots.

The single was released in 1982 with a vexing video that raises more questions than it answers, then re-released as part of 1985’s Vision Quest movie soundtrack.  You can see parts of that one here:


Sweet half-sweatshirts on strapping wrestlers, Matthew Modine jumping rope, a punked out Michael Schoeffling (aka Jake Ryan) as a “half-Indian” motorcycle-riding hottie with daddy issues, Madonna before her pretentious British accent, all skank and lace.  What’s not to love?

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