Sniff Flowers, Not Glue

Sniffers, London, 2018, by Jim Lustenader

I’ve heard of stopping and smelling the roses, but I hadn’t heard this twist on it.


I don’t believe I’ve ever stopped to smell the rosé. Perhaps a cab sav, but not a rosé.

Evidently Hillary Duff enjoys a good rosé.

Perhaps you should pop a cork this evening! After all, it IS Wine Wednesday.

Folksinging Club Of ’65

The students at Hammond High School in Alexandria, Virginia sure seemed to enjoy their folksinging. And they must have been on the cutting edge of the term, as “folk rock” wasn’t used in the U.S. music press until June of 1965 to describe The Byrds’ music.

Perhaps Bill was singing Peter, Paul, and Mary. But maybe he was hammering out “Mr. Tambourine Man,” much to their delight.

Some fellows gave private sessions.

And maybe, just maybe, they might reach the critical acclaim of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

Jill In ’87

By the fall of 1987, I was well-acquainted with the new supermodel faces across my fashion magazines: Cindy, Linda, Naomi, etc. As I had curly hair at the time, I could relate to Jill Goodacre, whose mane poured down her neck with all of the high-volume tousles that a headbanging 1987 demanded. I think you will understand why Harry Connick Jr married her.

And this next one, well … I can’t even explain it. And that’s why this blog is called “I Don’t Get It.”

Nowadays, the 55-year-old has her straightened (as most of us do) for a more polished, less unruly look. She and Harry have been married for 25 years.

Hot Summer Trend: Sealskin Trouser Thigh Panel

Nat Geo, 10/49

This 70-year-old National Geographic states that the thigh panel on tight sealskin trousers are “a fashion must in Greenland.” Composed of bits of brightly-dyed leather in mosaic patterns, they add pop to any thighs, and compliment the two pounds of beaded collar forcing their shoulders down.

These Eskimo women are cited as Angmagssalik in the article. That’s a rough word, folks. You know how it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople nowadays? Well, in this case, it’s Tasiilaq, not the antiquated term Angmagssalik. So Tasiilaq it is!! If that’s too much for your brain on a Tuesday, I feel you.



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