Adolf, Hirohito, and Benito

Central Power & Light Company ad, 1943

Orangutan Takes Olympic Gold In Gymnastics

No doubt about it. Orangutans are flexible. Even the wee ones.

And though they are stronger than humans (especially in their arms), they are not invincible.

Laid up on the table, this orangutan looks amazingly human, while vet staff takes out air rifle pellets in his body put there by Sumatran villagers. However, let’s remember that while humans and apes are 97% genetically identical, humans and bananas are 60% genetically identical.

Check out the cheek pads on this Bornean orangutan.

Pretty intimidating, no? But not all orangutans are this serious. These residents of the Rio Zoo enjoyed a Christmas basket of fruit.

Did I mention they like fruit?

I’ll leave you with these fun .gifs, all from

South Texan Sepia

Here we see the staff of the South Texan, the paper for the Texas College of Arts & Industries, hard at work. The ladies are donning mid-war bandannas a la Rosie the Riveter, and everyone is up to his ears in paperwork.

Check out the old phone and typewriter. Who knew one day they’d put a typewriter inside the phone?

Pictured above are the editor-in-chief (Bill) and the associate editor (Katherine). Doesn’t Katherine remind you a bit of Lily’s Tomlin’s Ernestine?

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