South Texan Sepia

Here we see the staff of the South Texan, the paper for the Texas College of Arts & Industries, hard at work. The ladies are donning mid-war bandannas a la Rosie the Riveter, and everyone is up to his ears in paperwork.

Check out the old phone and typewriter. Who knew one day they’d put a typewriter inside the phone?

Pictured above are the editor-in-chief (Bill) and the associate editor (Katherine). Doesn’t Katherine remind you a bit of Lily’s Tomlin’s Ernestine?

5 thoughts on “South Texan Sepia

  1. I needed a minute to take it all in. Here are my specific loves: 1) Sepia 2) Texas 3) The Rosie Reference 4) The Lily T reference 5) throwback tech Last but not least the Kerbey factor. 🙂

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