Pink Pup Tent

This month’s In Style magazine awarded its best dress dress prize to this Valentino Haute Couture number.

I could write a list of reasons why I couldn’t carry this dress off, including its billowy unhygienic groundscraping hem and that jawline-tickling collar. Truth be told, I’d much prefer the poofy pink dress from the mid-80s Carefree ads, of which it reminded me.

The ruffles and sheen are much more flattering. And golly, she just looks happier.

Puddle Jumping

Friedrich Seidenstucker, Berlin, 1925

And where is a man to lay down his cape, so that the women may pass? Indeed, this puddle is much too deep for that, and too wide.

Here in Central Texas, we have received more spring rain than I can ever remember, and still more threatens through Saturday, though we pray it ends today. There’s only so much dirty puddle water one can tolerate sloshing about in her high heels.
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