Before Gaga’s Meat Dress, There Was Frank Skirt

Geene Courtney had the honor of being Queen of National Hot Dog Week 1955, a pageant sponsored by the Zion Meat Company. Personally, I’d rather have skipped the meat scarf and just posed with a fish on a skyscraper. 

Gail Hooper was paired with this 56-pound catfish (that must have been carried up an elevator all those flights of the Hotel New Yorker), as part of her duty as Miss National Catfish Queen in 1954. 

I imagine they both took long, hat baths after that!

That’s A Spicy Meatball, Dad

Good Housekeeping Feb 58

A recipe was included in this “Father and son” meal. However, Good Housekeeping must have known its readers may have preferred an easier way out, as two meatball ads popped up just a few pages later.


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