Ads That Almost Changed My Mind, Part I


This 1933 ad for Budweiser is so colorfully delicious, that I almost forgot my many encounters with the “King of Bottled Beer” and the inherent mehness it consistently offers. My Bud experience has ne’er entailed a sunbursting orchestra as fancy dancers trip the light fantastic. Then again, 1933 was the year that the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, ending national Prohibition. Any ale tastes good after 14 years of illicit backwoods hooch.

November Respite

Monday Morning 010

Last week, we vacationed in Hot Springs, Arkansas, renting a lakeside home that allowed for this beautiful sunrise shot. Sunlight soon spilled over the back deck.

Monday Morning 006

Tuesday morning was a different story; the sky was overcast, and ducks floated past the fog at dawn.
Tuesday Morning 007It lent a nice ethereal quality to the morning.

HotSpringsDay2 029No matter the weather, we tried to abide by the sign.

HotSpringsDay2 297



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