Biding Our Time

This blog has offered up many a mid-century sorority pic–and today, we add to the pile. Excuse the descreening effect of the above image; I’m certain she did not have inordinately grand goose bumps on her forearms. (Or perhaps that’s why she looks so shocked! Poor Chicken-Arms Chelsea…)

These next ladies have fabulous forearms. One seems to be asking if she can get a what-what while she decorates.

The lucky four-eyed gal in the middle seems to be the object of engagement. Perhaps the other ladies should get in shape to snag a man, too! Bend your knees and touch your toes!

But in the meantime, snagging printed party dresses will have to do.

Greek Life 1974, Part Tres

Today’s installment could also be called “Ladies Under Trees.” Check out Pissy Chrissy on the far left.


Evidently this sorority did not allow curly-haired girls in. 1974 was the last season of “The Brady Bunch,” as evidenced by some very Jan & Marcia tresses.


It’s almost as though the photographer stumbled upon a gaggle of Breck girls in a strawberry field, rocking far-out peasant dresses and understated necklaces.

The gals of Alpha Kappa Alpha flashed their gams in mod mini-skirts. One appears to be confused as to where she should look. Perhaps a palm tree frond has lodged in her ear canal and she is experiencing sudden-onset vertigo.


Lisa Bonet did her best to stay discreet by posing in the back row, but the jig’s up, Lisa.


And so I leave you with this unshaven, sideboob image of Bonet. Ew!


Early Predecessor To Nestea Plunge

KUFall392-RushWeekLadies were living large during the 1939 University of Kansas Rush Week. From driving seatbeltless in convertibles to box-stepping to Benny Goodman,a good time was had by all.

KUFall395-RushWeekVaya con Dios, commoners!


And when things got down to the nitty gritty, these gals knew how to get the job done. Gossip columns don’t write themselves. KUFall39-001Of course, somebody had to clean up the mess left behind. After all, not everybody can pledge. So like Carol Burnett mopping the floors, this woman put her hair up, grabbed the broom, and got her hands dirty.

KUFall39-002Same sentiment, Carol?


Fun With Asphyxiation


You think that’s odd? Check this out.


And all this time I thought Zongola Pledge was an Namibian wood cleaner and furniture protectant…

I can’t tell if Dan has a lizard tongue or just drank grape Nehi or if the owner of this yearbook Sharpie-penned his tongue, or if he has an oral condition, but I know he’s not right. And it’s not because he could have had a V-8.

This is why I never joined a sorority; I don’t like humiliating myself for the amusement of others.


These girls couldn’t take the pressure; they resorted to spending time with a stuffed poodle.


Cheer up, gals. Even if you don’t make it into the sorority, there are always other options.


Greeks Raise The Roof

I am as excited as the Saturday Night Live Target lady today! Not only did I procure another ancient history yearbook for my collection, but it cost ONE DOLLAH. Yippee!

SNL Target Lady
SNL Target Lady

 It was during this 1963-1964 school year that JFK was shot and killed. But honestly I don’t know if that was enough to make these Oklahoma Sooners put down their cups for one second. The fraternities and sororities sure knew how to party:

I didn’t know “raise the roof” was a popular term fifty years ago, but these fun-loving Greeks were clearly raising it.


And they partied like rock stars. Even Bo Diddley got in on the action.

Sooner018But partying can get out of control. I think Roger got a little too fresh with Jeanne…

Sooner019Pi Kappa Alpha partied like Royals at their Dream Girl Party. No red solo cups here.

Sooner020Old or young, it didn’t matter. DEKEs liked to have a good time.

Delta Kappa Epsilon
Delta Kappa Epsilon

Eileen could barely contain her excitement at the TGIF Party.

Alpha Epsilon Pi
Alpha Epsilon Pi

Linda screamed when a zebra-jacketed matador sat on her lap at the Bowery Ball

Sooner026These Delta Gamma gals showered Ned with Christmas cheer.

Sooner028Sigma Delta Tau knew their second amendment rights.

Sooner029And Zeta Tau Alpha wore their sunglasses at night. Too cool for school, you guys.