Early Predecessor To Nestea Plunge

KUFall392-RushWeekLadies were living large during the 1939 University of Kansas Rush Week. From driving seatbeltless in convertibles to box-stepping to Benny Goodman,a good time was had by all.

KUFall395-RushWeekVaya con Dios, commoners!


And when things got down to the nitty gritty, these gals knew how to get the job done. Gossip columns don’t write themselves. KUFall39-001Of course, somebody had to clean up the mess left behind. After all, not everybody can pledge. So like Carol Burnett mopping the floors, this woman put her hair up, grabbed the broom, and got her hands dirty.

KUFall39-002Same sentiment, Carol?


5 thoughts on “Early Predecessor To Nestea Plunge

  1. This is a happy post. I admire your ability to change your format so often. I am too lazy I’m afraid. But back to the topic at hand. Doesn’t that girl in the floral chair look like Donna Reed? I love those hats. I also love Carol. She was a strong and successful women that just succeeded, she didn’t whine. Oh I like that shade of blue.


    1. You’re not lazy. I just get bored with mine. Yes, Donna Reed. She was always lovely. I saw Carol get an award on Friday night on PBS. She seemed very grateful.


  2. A good time was had by all but one, apparently, Kerbey. That mattress bounce may ended badly if the mattresses were as thin as the ones in my dorm! Keister on a spring, new injury on the infirmary list … Did you notice the cleaning person has a wedding ring on? That’s just not right.


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