Greek Life 1974, Part Tres

Today’s installment could also be called “Ladies Under Trees.” Check out Pissy Chrissy on the far left.


Evidently this sorority did not allow curly-haired girls in. 1974 was the last season of “The Brady Bunch,” as evidenced by some very Jan & Marcia tresses.


It’s almost as though the photographer stumbled upon a gaggle of Breck girls in a strawberry field, rocking far-out peasant dresses and understated necklaces.

The gals of Alpha Kappa Alpha flashed their gams in mod mini-skirts. One appears to be confused as to where she should look. Perhaps a palm tree frond has lodged in her ear canal and she is experiencing sudden-onset vertigo.


Lisa Bonet did her best to stay discreet by posing in the back row, but the jig’s up, Lisa.


And so I leave you with this unshaven, sideboob image of Bonet. Ew!


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Observation and Interpretation:

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