Fun With Asphyxiation


You think that’s odd? Check this out.


And all this time I thought Zongola Pledge was an Namibian wood cleaner and furniture protectant…

I can’t tell if Dan has a lizard tongue or just drank grape Nehi or if the owner of this yearbook Sharpie-penned his tongue, or if he has an oral condition, but I know he’s not right. And it’s not because he could have had a V-8.

This is why I never joined a sorority; I don’t like humiliating myself for the amusement of others.


These girls couldn’t take the pressure; they resorted to spending time with a stuffed poodle.


Cheer up, gals. Even if you don’t make it into the sorority, there are always other options.


11 thoughts on “Fun With Asphyxiation

  1. I love everyone that supports their 2nd Amendment Rights. And on a possibly sexist side note I think women with guns are hot. You don’t have to join a sorority to get humiliated. Just get married.


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