Halitosis In Extremis

No, it wasn’t bad breath that caused Marie Micholowsky to pass clean out in her brother Frank’s arms. Believe it or not, this image was snapped at HOUR 3327 into a Chicago dance marathon. The seated woman shares my sentiment exactly. Girl, what were you thinking? Now most of us have heard of dance marathons,Continue reading “Halitosis In Extremis”

$5 To Ride Around In Circles

We attended a local festival this weekend with the typical overpriced $18 afternoon “unlimited ride” band that only applied to several rides and did not include the $7 bouncy jumpy rope thing that we passed with seething resentment. It also did not include any games, many of which were $5 for three tries (at dartsContinue reading “$5 To Ride Around In Circles”

Deathwish: Upside-Down And Backwards Writing

This could never happen now; they don’t teach cursive in schools any more. But back in the 1920s, Harry Kahne–“The Man with the Multiple Mind”–showed off his penmanship while dangling from the Majestic Theatre in Houston. Crowds gathered to witness the blood rush to his head as he scribbled patriotic lyrics. Don’t worry; he didn’tContinue reading “Deathwish: Upside-Down And Backwards Writing”