When The Substitute Is Wearing White Diamonds

If you’ve frequented this blog, you know I loooooooathe White Diamonds. Having endured the presence of not one, but two Boomer women in my life who sported the scent, I can honestly say that it makes my stomach churn. Colognes are so subjective. In any event, these poor kids wish they were breathing the scentContinue reading “When The Substitute Is Wearing White Diamonds”

Halitosis In Extremis

No, it wasn’t bad breath that caused Marie Micholowsky to pass clean out in her brother Frank’s arms. Believe it or not, this image was snapped at HOUR 3327 into a Chicago dance marathon. The seated woman shares my sentiment exactly. Girl, what were you thinking? Now most of us have heard of dance marathons,Continue reading “Halitosis In Extremis”

Well, They Were Right About Black Tuesday

Only two weeks after the stock market plummet of Black Tuesday (not to be confused with the upcoming Black Friday), Current Events newspaper was already trying to determine how history would look back upon the crash of the stock market and beginning of what would later be termed The Great Depression. My Granddad Bill keptContinue reading “Well, They Were Right About Black Tuesday”

Granddad’s Monthly Test #1

My granddad Bill was born in 1920. Wasn’t he a happy toddler? As a child of The Depression, he tended to hoard things–things others might toss without batting an eye. Much of it was unnecessarily saved, but among his piles of things salvaged were monthly tests. Today I share one that he took in 1930,Continue reading “Granddad’s Monthly Test #1”

Dust In The Wind, Part 3

Time to get the H out of Dodge. A New Mexico man sits in a stupor, as some of the millions of grasshoppers that invaded the land swarm his window. Said Sam Arguello of Union County, New Mexico in 1938: You’d pull on the reins and the horse would slide on the grasshoppers. And that’s aContinue reading “Dust In The Wind, Part 3”

Central Park “Hooverville”

“During the Great Depression, which began in 1929 and lasted approximately a decade, shantytowns appeared across the U.S. as unemployed people were evicted from their homes. As the Depression worsened in the 1930s, causing severe hardships for millions of Americans, many looked to the federal government for assistance. When the government failed to provide relief,Continue reading “Central Park “Hooverville””