$5 To Ride Around In Circles

We attended a local festival this weekend with the typical overpriced $18 afternoon “unlimited ride” band that only applied to several rides and did not include the $7 bouncy jumpy rope thing that we passed with seething resentment. It also did not include any games, many of which were $5 for three tries (at darts or hitting the sledgehammer, etc). We did pony up $4 for berry lemonade, but not $7 for funnel cake. And certainly not $5 for a pony ride.

How about you? Would you pony up for a pony? Or would you rather spend that money on a camel ride? A pair of camels split the shift. This one was on break but still suited up.

This was the shortest line we saw of the dozens of fairground lines.

I guess riding a camel isn’t quite as exciting as Pharaoh’s Fury or the Zipper (from which 99% of the ride screams came). And I doubt it’s on anyone’s bucket list. But at least you can say you did it once.


15 thoughts on “$5 To Ride Around In Circles

  1. I don’t think I would ride a camel. With or without a line. I definitely would pass on the “refreshments”. With those prices you might as well be at an “uptown” bar.

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  2. I remember the days of pony rides and petting zoos. Always seemed like a crazy waste of money. But I did indeed pony up the $$ to watch my kids riding small horses maypole style. Just silly. And oh goodness there were camels, too? I saw one in a parade once, being used as an advertisement for a local chiropractor. Thought that was sad and pretty much animal abuse 😦 Don’t the camels want to be in the desert?

    Looks like a crazy fun fair you attended. Good call on the berry lemonade though I don’t know I would have been able to pass up the funnel cake 😀

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  3. I think 2 of my granddaughters chose a ride on a camel, it was in the Fall at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.
    I had five who chose (1) face painting, (1) a treat of a caramel apple, (1) a turkey wing and 2 who chose key chains. 🙂

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      1. It was fun, they said! I didn’t go since it was while I was in Cleveland visiting. I just hope it doesn’t make the camel weary. Maybe they like hearing the girls giggling. 😀

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