Deathwish: Upside-Down And Backwards Writing

book: Houston 175
book: Houston 175

This could never happen now; they don’t teach cursive in schools any more. But back in the 1920s, Harry Kahne–“The Man with the Multiple Mind”–showed off his penmanship while dangling from the Majestic Theatre in Houston. Crowds gathered to witness the blood rush to his head as he scribbled patriotic lyrics. Don’t worry; he didn’t die until decades later in 1955.

10 thoughts on “Deathwish: Upside-Down And Backwards Writing

      1. It depends on who you ask. He signed a “Religious Freedom Act” which he was condemned for and he also signed a bill which forbade abortions for an infant diagnosed with Downs, which he was likewise pilloried for. Indiana has a surplus and a better than average economy. My complaint with the man is he never tried to explain why he signed the 2 controversial bills. He accepted the curses and slunk away like any good Establishment Republican.

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      2. I see. Those are tough issues. Having lost two babies to miscarriage, I would have gladly considered a Downs baby as a blessing. Life is life to me, and none of us is perfect. But it’s hard to force someone to carry a baby they don’t want to deal with.

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      3. I can certainly see your point. I think the biggest problem we face is that we have lost our heart and are on the verge of losing our soul. We may talk of Peace and Love but we sure as Hell don’t act in a very Peaceful or Loving manner.

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