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$5 To Ride Around In Circles

We attended a local festival this weekend with the typical overpriced $18 afternoon “unlimited ride” band that only applied to several rides and did not include the $7 bouncy jumpy rope thing that we passed with seething resentment. It also did not include any games, many of which were $5 for three tries (at darts or hitting the sledgehammer, etc). We did pony up $4 for berry lemonade, but not $7 for funnel cake. And certainly not $5 for a pony ride.

How about you? Would you pony up for a pony? Or would you rather spend that money on a camel ride? A pair of camels split the shift. This one was on break but still suited up.

This was the shortest line we saw of the dozens of fairground lines.

I guess riding a camel isn’t quite as exciting as Pharaoh’s Fury or the Zipper (from which 99% of the ride screams came). And I doubt it’s on anyone’s bucket list. But at least you can say you did it once.
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Feeding The Country That Tried To Kill Us

In January of 1949, National Geographic profiled the status of American taxpayer money sent as aid to war-torn Germany, and more specifically “Bizonia,” the American and British-occupied areas. By 1947, it had become clear that the Soviet Union would not allow free, multiparty elections throughout Germany, so the Americans and British forces united to foster economic recovery. Millions of American dollars went to implement the Marshall Plan, under the general name of European Recovery Program (ERP).

Below is Corp. Arthur Campbell, checking fresh Denmark milk being flown from Wiesbaden to the old German capital of “cold, sick, and hungry Berlin.”


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Double Antiques

Today I read on Pollie Bland’s site that an “antique” is something made 100 years ago or more (like the still-going Olivia de Havilland and Kirk Douglas), “retro” refers to anything that looks out of style for the current time period, like 1999 light rinse jeans (not technically vintage), and “vintage” is something 20 years or older, like most of your memories. So the 70s can’t be called “retro,” because they are actually twice vintage.