Skilled Labor For Old Glory

Welcome to an “old-fashioned wool-working exhibit” on the Common in Boston, where these contestants competed to win the knitting trophy. Originating in 1634, it is the oldest city park in the United States. The squares of 200 women (and the one lone fellow shown above) were pinned on a board to form the Stars andContinue reading “Skilled Labor For Old Glory”

Giant Bi-Racial Maraca Hovers Over Darning Housewife

Nope. Not familiar with a darning egg. But I am familiar with eyestrain, and if she thinks she knows eyestrain, oh, honey–just wait until they invent portable phones! As if post-war needlework wasn’t complicated enough, this next “novel idea” suggests hooking a window shade to a sewing machine to serve as an extension table.¬† ScrewContinue reading “Giant Bi-Racial Maraca Hovers Over Darning Housewife”