Mend No More

"Going Going Gone" by Jonas & Nissenson
“Going Going Gone” by Jonas & Nissenson

When’s the last time you mended a garment? I don’t mean a simple button replacement; I mean adding a knee patch, darning a sock. For me, the answer is never. Mending is a lost art. It’s much easier to drive a mile down the road and grab a dozen socks for $10 than repair the one with the hole in the heel. That sock was weak and deserves the trash.

I wonder if some readers have never seen a plastic wicker sewing backet.

I own my great-grandmother’s sewing basket, similar to this one, but I confess I’ve never used anything inside. Sentiment over function. At this point, it’s more art than utility. Do you remember one from your childhood?

13 thoughts on “Mend No More”

    1. Oh, yes–there were several women at my last job who were quilters. That was getting quite a revitalizing. And one knitted me a scarf. I’m glad to hear that you have the skills to sew!

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  1. I absolutely suck at sewing but I do undertake repairs because I am thrifty. Beyond the buttons and taking up hems, I also repair loose seams and small tears. I have not, however, darned a sock in very many years now. As you note, the price of socks and such like have come down so much as a proportion of our expenditure that my time has more value than the price of the socks.

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  2. Mine is round and made from wicker, not plastic. I use to use iron on patches for my jeans (Wait! Is ‘use to use’ proper English?) But then the hippie days happened and it was cool to sew on patches!

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  3. I do this quite often, just stubborn and thrifty I guess! My DIL is making diaper pants, since cloth is the way to go! She finished a darling hoodie for Hendrix last weekend,. . . I feel sales on clothes make me wish to throw out and start again but socks and hemming I do take my sewing box out. Yours is beautiful, Kerbey!

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